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Two Moons Over Mill Town: Part 1/14

Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine.

Title: Two Moons Over Mill Town
Characters: Glitch and um... a lot of other people
Pairings: Glitch/Cain
Rating: PG
Summary: When Glitch decides to build himself a future, he heads for Mill Town.

It was the queen who insisted on delivering the news. Wyatt, DG, and Raw all offered to do the grim task, but Queen Lavender stood firm. She did ask the three friends to be present when she talked to Glitch, knowing their support would be vital to him. And so the five of them congregated in a small study, early the next morning. DG opened the curtains to let the pale light splash on the lemon-wood floors, and there was a deal of shuffling about as people found chairs and ottomans. They ended up arrayed around the queen, like a group of children gathered for a tale, with Glitch directly across from her.

"Glitch," she began. Her voice was gentle and her eyes sorrowful as they met and held his. "I want you to know that I summoned every medical and magical professional in this kingdom, and a few beyond it, but there is no one who can restore to you what was taken."

He stared at her, and it was difficult to tell if he paled, as he was already so light-complected, but his friends could see the tremor, faint as a ripple on water on a still day, that ran across the surface of his body.

"The Alchemists...." he began.

"Questioned. It's not that they are withholding the knowledge, they simply can't perform the procedure. It's been too long, my friend, I am sorry. You've adapted as well as anyone could hope to do, because your tremendous spirit prevailed over the darkest of spells. We only love you the more for it."

"I see," Glitch said. He was quiet a moment, and then spoke. "Your Majesty. If I might request that the control room and all its contents be given over to me?"

The question seemed to take her aback, but she quickly recovered her composure. "What... what did you have in mind, Glitch? If I may ask your plans?"

"Those are still MY marbles in there!" Glitch said, rising to his feet. "They may be in a jar but they're MINE! I own what's in that tank as much as all the rest of you own what's in your heads!"

The queen rose, and reached for him, but he shied from her touch. "Yes, of course you do, my dear," she soothed. "Please calm yourself. I grant you complete ownership of the room and all its contents."

"Thank you. If this meeting is concluded....?"

She inclined her head. "If you need any assistance with... arrangements, Glitch, please don't hesitate to ask."

He shot her an unreadable glare, and strode from the room. Cain and DG made to follow, but Raw stopped them and shook his head. "Needs time. Absorb news."


Glitch's hands shook a little as he fitted the key into the lock of the control room. He pushed the doors open, and once again beheld the spectacle that had so often over the last few weeks filled him with such hope. He approaced the tank slowly, his feet scuffing against the marble floor.

"Well, it wasn't the news we wanted to hear," Glitch murmured softly. "But don't worry. I'll take good care of you. I won't let anybody hurt you, or... or bury you." He laid his hand flat on the glass and stroked it soothingly. Behind the clear barrier the brain seemed to move in the green preservative, though he knew it was just an illusion formed by the bubbles, and not a response to his words. Still.

"Don't be afraid," he whispered again, and the room seemed to whisper it back to him.


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